Bark Avenue Pet Grooming

Bark Avenue Professional Pet Grooming is a full service grooming facility located in the Western part of Fayetteville, NC / Cumberland County area and we are only minutes away from Fort Bragg, NC. We offer many services that are designed to benefit pets and clients alike. Bark Avenue also offers a unique selection of retail products for “Scruffy’s” needs and wants.

Bark Avenue NC

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SPA Services

Our SPA Services includes Blueberry facial, teeth brushing, medicated baths, deep conditioning and remoisturizing, flea baths, among others.



Our De-Shedding Service includes a combination of shampoos, conditioners, drying and carding techniques that help remove your pet’s loose hair.



Our Bathing Service includes ear cleaning, nail trimming and filing, mild spritzing of cologne, a colorful bandana or bow and a professional groom


Bathtub DIY

Our DIY Bathing Service includes individual elevated bathtubs and drying stations, hydro-massaging bathing system, ear cleaner, towels, brushes, and nail trimmers.