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Review 36


Lilly came back fresh and clean. Her nails were cut back. The added touch of the scarf seemed to give her an extra leap in her step.

Review 35
Very nice and friendly staff! Deanna is awesome and our little Chloe looked amazing when she was done!! Definitely will go back and recommend!! Thanks!
Review 34
5 star 
My first time here with my fur baby Mika. Nice people and answered all of my questions! Picked her up and she looked beautiful.
Review 33


Bark Avenue is a great place to get your dog groomed.
Review 32


5We've been taking our fur babies to Bark Ave for 11 years & have not had one bad experience. They are happy to see the staff who always greet them by their names & take a moment with them in the lobby before escorting them to the the back for their services. As for pricing; we currently have 3 pretty good size dogs & for the full services they receive the price is excellent! My husband & I wouldn't imagine taking the girls anywhere else & recommend Bark Ave to everyone we know

Review 31



Member Comments: 

They were easy to make an appointment with, and they were clear on what types of vet records I needed as a first time visitor. My dog is very old and has special needs because of her age - they took very good care of her. Also the groomer felt thay I should not clip her and they told me this - she was right it was too earily in the season and I had to keep a sweatshirt on my dog. They will really treat your pets well and next time I WILL listen to her advice.

Review 30



 Member Comments: 

Before the service the business was very precise in communicating its vaccination requirements and called the veterinarian office to double check; I appreciated their thoroughness and that was reflected in the rest of their service. The groomer provided excellent reassurance to pet-owner with as much separation anxiety as the dog. The groomer wanted to make sure the intent was a cosmetic trim and not a complete shave because, in her words, "Pomeranians are all about the hair." and she was so right! Just a little bit of hair trimming and paw-dicure(?) and puppy was absolutely transformed. The groomer did a great job and I am glad I took puppy.

Review 29

I would recommend this doggie beauty shop to any and everyone. They are so professional and very good with my fur-babies. They know how to groom a Shih tzu and Golden Retriever so well, I drive over 45 mins to take my babies there....and, IO would never take them anywhere else...YES, they are that good! 

Review 28


I love them, they care about your babies the way you do!!!! Their deshedding is wonderful!!! Awesome place with some awesome ladies!

Review 27


I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Bark Avenue for taking such good care of my fur baby, Gibson. This is an excellent doggie spa & everyone there is like a big family, spoiling the little ones every time they are there. Gibson always looks great & I can tell by his demeanor he was loved on, spoiled, and was truly taken care of. He gets so scared when we have to leave him anywhere, but when we pick him up he's happy & loving his new bandana! Thanks again! :)

Review 26


I apparently gave Bark Avenue a low rating on my phone by accident I guess, but wanted to let everyone know that I would HIGHLY recommend Bark Avenue! :) I have been taking my sweet Maggie there for quite awhile now and she always looks so pretty after her appointment. She loves wearing her little scarf and having bows in her hair. They also post pictures of the fur- babies on their facebook site so you may even find your fur-baby online. :) If you want a good groomer and one that really cares about their furry friends, I would definitely recommend BARK AVENUE! :)

Review 25


Love the Deanna and the girls at Bark Avenue! They took Spike and made him a beautiful Prince yesterday. Thank you so very much for keeping him handsome! Love you all! ?


Review 24

You all are the best! You are the only groomers that I know that has dogs wanting to go into the back with the groomers (Nuvell included). Completely worth the 1.5 hour drive!

Review 23


Very nice and friendly staff! Deanna is awesome and our little Chloe looked amazing when she was done!! Definitely will go back and recommend!! Thanks!

Review 22


The staff are wonderful and they did an amazing job! Thorough and clean and friendly!

Review 21


Bark Avenue is the BEST. Deanna and staff treat Partner like he's family. They do a very professional job with the right amount of love and compassion. We'll be seeing you soon!


Dear Deanna, 

Thank you so much for our wonderful experience with you, staff and Bark Avenue over the past years. Your kind disposition and gentle hands were appreciated by myself as well as our dog Buddy. You shared in your vast knowledge of a dog's skin & coat and thanks to you, we know have a dog that rarely itches and scratches! Even though we will be moving soon,we wll surely be back if our military path brings us back to Fort Bragg. Thank you and your wonderful staff again for everything!

Best Wishes


Review 19


Posted on 03/11/12

I just took both my dogs to Bark Avenue yesterday and I have never seen them so clean...and the deshedding is awesome. Desheddin.

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I just took both my dogs to Bark Avenue yesterday and I have never seen them so clean...and the deshedding is awesome. Deshedding is expensive, but well worth the money. My babies look GREAT! 

Review 18

January 2013

 Sherry  reviewed 4 months ago


Bark Avenue and their staff are top notch. I have been taking my dogs (Ireland and Murphy) since they opened the doors. I will never take my pets anywhere else for grooming. The quality and care they give can not be matched anywhere. The expense is very reasonable for what they provide. Deanna loves your dogs like she does her own and what more can you ask for. We LOVE Bark Avenue..Ireland knows Wednesdays are her days before my feet hit the ground. She is so excited each and every time.

Review 17

January 2013

Carol  reviewed 4 months ago


Deana and the groomers at Bark Avenue have been taking care of my dogs for many years. I have always had great results from them and their honest, caring advice and treatment of my dogs has always been spot on. Once my dog Bear who was older and sick with bladder cancer needed a bath before Christmas, Deana opened the store on Christmas Eve just to make sure Bear got treated in a quiet environment where he would not be stressed out. They are the best bet for dogs who have any quirky behavior as they make sure that they work with the dog's fears, etc. I highly recommend Bark Avenue. As far as the price, you get what you pay for so if some think it's expensive, they do offer Do It Yourself Bathing!

Review 16


Dear Deanna,
There are no words to express my appreciation for all you do to help us keep
Rags happy and healthy.  He seemed to have renewed energy and pep after his
bath and groom yesterday and even though it was an ordeal for all of you,
there were definite improvements in his energy level and demeanor.  He knows
he's cute when you get him all "gussied' up.  We do so appreciate it. And on
his behalf "Woof".
Janet and Fred

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